… dari tegap bertimpuh, baik rebah merempuh.

Koleksi Ceramah Reformasi

Dear All,

We have introduced a new category called ‘video-reformasi’. The new category will host all sort of video clips which most of it are ceramah given by Saudara Anwar Ibrahim.

Seeing that the internet technology now enabled us to upload any contents anywhere without limit – and retrieve it back without paying a penny, we are commited to update this page from time to time with new series of ceramah or perhaps the old one.

If you know any good ceramah’s clips anywhere on the internet, please give us the lynx so we can add it into the collections – thus enabled others to easily retrieve the video clips. If you happened to have any good VCD or whatever clips that is not converted yet, please send us the copy of the material so we will convert and upload it here with your credit intact.

Anyway, please take your time to watch the clips so you can better understand of what the hell is going on in this lovely country.

Oh, btw, if any of this clips happens to be yours and you wish to take it out from the internet or you wish to charge us a certain fees for the royalty, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can ignore it.

There is no reason for anybody to charge anything for free ceramah.

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